Snow-covered roofs in the Peabody, MA area can be a scenic winter setting. However, that buildup of fluffy white snow can place quite a bit of strain on your roof and the framing beneath it. Once that picturesque pile gets close to 12 inches deep, you should consider having the snow removed. Melting snow can result in ice dams that cause leaks and dangerous spiky icicles. Removing snow safely is best performed by a skilled roofing crew.

Roof Snow Removal in Peabody

Snow removal is tricky and could actually be dangerous for both the person on the roof and those on the ground below. A trained crew can get the job done quickly and safely. Keep in mind that snow removal is best performed while the snow is fairly fresh and light before it starts to melt from the heat inside the building. That heat will eventually rise toward the roof, melting the snow and turning it into pooled areas of water. Here are the methods for snow removal on a roof.

Sloped Roofs

There is a special tool designed for removing snow from a pitched roof. It is called a roof rake. The rake is equipped with a telescoping handle that can reach very high up the sloped surface. The person removing the snow with a rake generally does this while standing to one side on the ground and pulling the snow off in small batches so as not to present a danger to bystanders or landscaping. Snow accumulated on lower-sloped roofs may be removed with shovels using safety harnesses to anchor the removal crew to the roof to prevent falls and injuries.

Not all of the snow should be removed. A layer is generally left behind so as not to cause damage to the roof surface. Once the majority of snow is removed, our crew can use ladders to clear snow and ice out of the gutters. One person will be on the ladder while another steadies the ladder from below to prevent any slips and falls.

The snow that has settled on the ground after removal can be shoveled away from the house or commercial building to keep moisture away from the fa├žade and to keep walkways and driveways clear.

Flat Roofs

Removing snow from a flat roof requires that a crew member be on top of the roof surface. Flat roofs can generally be accessed from a roof hatch or a ladder. Once on the roof, the snow can be pushed off of the roof with a blunt-edged shovel, not a sharp spade. This can be done in small batches while someone on the ground ensures that no one on the ground gets caught beneath a pile of falling snow. While shoveling the snow off the roof, roofers should be mindful of rooftop HVAC units and electrical wiring. They should also make sure the roof drains are cleared of ice and snow.

It can be tempting to simply toss chemicals or rock salt on the roof to encourage the snow to melt. However, this is a bad idea. Chemicals can potentially damage the roof coating and the drains as the snow melts.

Just like a sloped roof, we advise leaving about an inch or two of snow on the roof. This is a preventative measure so that the roof membrane or coating is not damaged by the tools being used to remove the snow.

Call the Professionals

As a professional residential and commercial roof company in the Peabody area, Aspen Roofing Services knows everything about roofing, such as installation, maintenance, and repair services. We have been in the industry for over 30 years servicing our local communities. When we remove snow and ice dams from your roof, we have all the safety measures in place. We are also insured to protect our workers and your property during the process. When we install a new or replacement roof, we can add snow melt systems and snow guards that help to break snow as it melts and slides toward the eaves.

Give Aspen Roofing Services a call just before winter so we can inspect your sloped or flat roof to ensure it is ready for the cold weather. Then, call us again after a significant snowfall for professional and safe removal.

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